When The Sun Won’t Set

Midsummer came and went. For one night, the sun never set, and now, the days will begin to grow shorter again. I’m actually not too sorry, for autumn is my favorite season. I like all seasons, of course, but autumn is when I feel most at home. I’m even waiting for school to begin, even that has never been my favorite place.


Fresh cherries are the ultimatw summer snack

My computer still refuses to charge, meaning I’ll have to take it somewhere where they’ll either fix it, or replace it. Of course just when I have five days off and I would have the time to write, my computer is broken. What are the odds? Not in my favor, that’s for sure…


We’ve tried to take our housecats outside like they werw originally meant to, but so far it’s not looking too good. I doubt they would be able to hunt for food, a.d don’t even get me started on our stable cat who can’t stand other cats on her territory…


I can’t wait for blueberries later in the summer. I’m definitely gonna fill my freezer with them for the winter so I’ll have berries to enjoy and watch snow drift on the landscape and turn the world white.

What is your favorite season and why?

x Cheers

Lilly Pierce

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