Tomorrow night (between Friday and Saturday), the sun won’t set at all for the night here in Finland. Everyone’s excited and have cool or just plans in general.


My plan is to pack up my stuff a little, to wash my new bed if the weather is good enough to leave it to dry in the sun and then I plan to battle my computer which, once again, decided not to charge and now it’s dead. I’ll have to find some maintenance place to take it to, but right now I need to save every penny I get and have, so I’ll be able to pay my rent and insurances in a few weeks 😉


I’m pretty physically exhausted from work, so it’ll be nice to get five days off to re-energize. I really do need to start working out more and running 😀


Our young mare finally gave birth to her first ever foal. A healthy stallion. What a beauty he is already. I can imagine when he grows up.

I definitely plan on meeting this little guy very, very soon 😉

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